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Situated in a 1,6-hectare campus with beautiful and peaceful landscape, spacious and airy buildings in the training and dormitory areas, and a green garden with lots of fruit trees being the highlight, the school is the optimal choice for people, especially young folk, who are looking for high-quality vocational training and comfortable accommodation.

With multi-disciplinary and multi-level trainings, the school aims to improve the quality of human resources, train highly skilled, qualified and having good responsibility sense workers to supply labor for markets around the world and for industrial zones in Vietnam.

The school’s location is convenient for transportation. Most bus routes to the inner city is only 15 minutes / trip. Low cost of living and accommodation make it suitable for all subjects.

Outstanding advantages

  • Diversity in field of vocational training: Students can freely choose a major according to the needs of society or choose a career suitable to the financial capability of their families and themselves.
  • Provide short-term training courses with an in-depth knowledge base: Assist students to save time, study costs, and open doors to future employment opportunities.
  • Reality-based training programs: Increase the time of practical lessons for improving practical skills.

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