Inland Waterway Transport Service

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ILS currently manages and operates

Son Tay Port

The area of ​​5ha is the focal point for gathering and transshipment of goods being construction materials to serve the needs of urban expansion and construction in the west of Hanoi, connecting with Viet Tri port on the Hai Phong – Ha Noi corridor. Noi – Viet Tri – Lao Cai

In addition, ILS has a team of experienced staff, ensuring the provision of transport packages at optimal cost according to the route and stable weekly transport schedule. In particular, with river transport services and common means such as barges and small vessels are suitable for transporting items such as agricultural products, fruits or heavy-volume items such as cement, stone powder, sand, brick, concrete columns, clay, equipment, iron and steel, manganese and bran coal,…

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Services provided

Inland waterway transportation service ILS provides

Domestic cargo transport by container ship (or market vessel form)
Domestic freight by bulk train (or train transport)
Domestic cargo transport by barge (or river transport)

Outstanding advantages when using ILS's inland waterway transportation service

  • Having geographical advantages and economical transport rates, committing to minimize all risks and losses that are not worth having during the process of inland waterway transport
  • Fleet with high tonnage and capacity, the team of boats - captains are highly skilled, stable
  • Closely combine with other forms of transportation such as roads and railways so that goods can reach customers as quickly and safely as possible

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