Warehouse and Yard System


Warehouse and Yard

ILS’s  warehouses and yards are over 150,000m2, located in convenient gateway locations, easily rotating connections to distribution locations in and out of Hanoi.

With a diverse warehouse system, customers can be proactive in choosing the right type of warehouse depending on their demands such as: centralized location for collection, delivery of goods, waiting/ import, and export warehouses.

ILS's warehouse system is well certified

With the infrastructure system equipped with modern technology and always updated to ensure the quality of storage. The process of warehousing, transportation, and automation development ensures that the exploitation of goods is always done accurately and quickly.

Certificate of warehouse use rights
Fire safety assurance certification
Certificate of food hygiene and safety
Certificate of ISO 9001:2015
Ensuring management and storage standards for each specific type of warehouse
Dual security 2-way, 24/7 control, automation management software.

Outstanding advantages when using ILS's warehouse system

  • 100% insurance of the value of goods when deposited and stored at ILS warehouses.
  • New warehouse, modern equipment, advanced Selective - Drive in rackingsystem.
  • Goods managed according to international standards, safety and security. Accurate storage and import and export through wms modern software system
  • Customers can choose the way of storage management according to their own exploitation requirements: package management or detailed management according to each product unit.
  • Accompanying support services include: transport, customs procedures, export/import of goods,...

Location of warehouse and yard system

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