Railway transport


Railway transport

As a business with long experience in the field of forwarding transportation along with a stable train schedule at cargo service stations. ILS provides high-quality rail transportation solutions that help customers optimize transportation costs while ensuring goods are flowing quickly and accurately

ILS is currently investing in the construction of The Bac Hong Station Logistics Center project with an area of 40ha, which serves exported goods by rail, transporting domestic routes

ILS signed a strategic cooperation agreement withTVietnam Railway Company (VNR) in transport operation, service sectors and railway investment. ILS will connect with VNR to approach and provide services to domestic and foreign ILS partners and customers; Consulting, proposing investment solutions and providing services for optimal use of infrastructure systems of both parties such as means of transport, railway stations, warehouses, yards, ports, centers logistics…

ILS and VNR support each other in providing value-added services in the logistics industry in general and the railway industry in particular, such as: Customs agency services, railway clearance; Multimodal rail transport services with other modes of transport: sea, road, inland waterways and air; Trading services, distribution, wholesale and retail of goods and other related utility services.

Service provided

Rail transport service ILS provides

Collecting retail goods, whole containers, whole wagons. Transport goods from Warehouse to Warehouse, Station to Station, Warehouse to Station, Station to Warehouse
Transportation of imports, transit goods: Fertilizer on HaKou - Lao Cai - Hai Phong route
Bulk cargo: Apatit ore, fertilizer bags of Lao Cai – Viet Tri – Hai Phong line, transporting coal and sulfur in the opposite direction
Transportation of imported consumer goods, e-commerce, CPN, transit goods: garment and footwear industry via Dong Dang – Hanoi – Than River
Transit freight: Sulfur, coal, iron ore Hai Phong – Lao Cai; Cai Lan – Dong Dang

Outstanding advantages when using ILS's rail transport service

  • Ensure the cooperation between the iron authority and the cargo owner in the process of transporting in accordance with the railway freight regulations and related regulations
  • The system of warehouses and yards is large, located in strategic locations to help customers conveniently store goods, pick up goods, transfer goods
  • All transport journeys are planned, planned, ensuring that the transport team has the most convenient and optimal flow of costs on each kilometer

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