Road transport service


Road transport service

ILS has a diverse transport system from 500 kg to 40 tons, capable of meeting the needs of continuous transport of goods 24/7 for all individuals/ organizations.

Journey and cost-optimized service

As a long-time operating enterprise, specializing in providing logistics solutions for the supply chain, ILS understands the necessary conditions for goods to be circulated quickly. All transport journeys are planned, planned, ensuring that the truck fleet has the most convenient and optimal flow of costs on each kilometer.

Outstanding advantages when using ILS's road transport service

  • Savings rates, details for each kilometer of transportation
  • New transport system, for large exploitation capacity.
  • Advising on appropriate transport plans according to the specific requirements of organizations/enterprises.
  • The ability to control and track detailed journeys in real time (Real-time).
  • Optimize transportation plans according to the route, schedule of the business.
  • Delivery of goods to all 63 provinces nationwide.


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