Project freight service


Project freight service

With a wealth of experience and a team of leading experts, ILS is proud of its ability to handle projects in a wide range of industries including: Oil & Gas, Construction, Energy, Marine, Mining and Industries heavy machinery

Implementation process

Survey the scene and plan transportation
Survey the shipping route and select the appropriate means of transport
Check the progress of the freight
Customs clearance procedures (if any)
Timely handling of arising in the process of transportation

Outstanding advantages when using ILS's Project Goods shipping service

  • Commit to selecting the most optimal transportation solutions corresponding to each project and construction works. Ensure that the demand for cargo volume and shipping time sticks to the plan
  • Focus on preservation, care during transportation, relocation of project goods. The specialized technical staff has experience in arranging and operating up and down the construction machines, bulky and oversized goods always ensure maximum safety, avoid unnecessary incidents
  • Provide and quickly process all kinds of invoices for customers. At the same time, ensure transparency and clarity in the declaration of transport insurance

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