Logistics services for e-commerce


Logistics services for e-commerce

ILS provides logistics services for e-commerce goods (E-logistics) for customers to help them to well control the supply chain and deliver goods to end-user quickly, safely, accurately and save cost.

Logistics services for e-commerce

The process of providing E-logistics services of ILS includes:

Consolidation (receiving and collecting orders)
Warehousing (checking goods, labeling/barcoding, sorting goods)
Distribution (coordination of orders, delivery of goods from the warehouse to customers or couriers, updating information to customers)
Last-mile delivery (shipping units deliver goods to customers)
Exchange, recall and handle customer orders that do not meet quality.

Outstanding advantages when using E-Logistics service of ILS:

  • The service network covers the whole country. Ensure fast and flexible delivery time.
  • Modern warehousing system in Hanoi and other location.
  • A team of professional and enthusiastic consultants who are always ready to answer all customers’ questions.
  • Provide clear and accurate shipping schedules to customers.
  • The management, monitoring, and completion of documents are implemented quickly.

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