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Shipping agent

ILS is providing agent services at Vietnam’s seaports for container ships, bulk cargo ships, liquid cargo ships, oil tankers… Ship agent service operates 24h/24h to ensure smooth communication, timely, accurate, professional information… create trust for customers.

Over the years of work, ILS has not only built close relationships with port authorities and authorities in the region, but also maintains a sustainable relationship with producers and large trade companies specializing in import and export of agricultural products and fertilizers…, coal, ore… as well as shipping companies, domestic and international shipowners.

Services provided

Notice of the status of creeks, wharms, capacity to free ships, estimated port fees for trustees before the ship arrives.
Carry out procedures for ships entering and leaving seaports, arranging navigators, hybrid ships, warm, arranging cargo handling, handling situations arising with concerned parties and authorities.
Arrange services for supply of fresh water, spare parts, charts and maritime publications, maritime inspection and repair of ships at reasonable and competitive costs.
Make reports on ships leaving, settle port fees, income documents and pay the fees authorized by thetrustee.
Arrange passports, visas, medical services, change and repatriate seafarers, othership protection agentservices.
Resolving maritime disputes, arranging maritime rescues and participating in handling maritime accidents.

Outstanding advantages when using ILS's ship agent services

Over many years of working, ILS has not only built close relationships with Port Authorities and Port Authorities in the region, but also maintained a sustainable relationship with Manufacturers, large trading companies specializing in the field of transportation. on import and export of agricultural products, fertilizers, coal, ores... as well as domestic and international shipping companies, ship owners.

Grasping and understanding the needs ofthe ships, consulting the operations to help ship owner save maximum time and cost of implementation.

Provide professional agent services for bulk ships and department stores specializing in import and export of agricultural products, fertilizers, coal,..

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