• Civil engineering.
  • Industrial construction.
  • Build traffic.
  • Home repairs, interior and exterior decoration.
  • Trade of consumer goods and construction materials 


ILS has a team of cadres, engineers, and technical workers with professional qualifications and skills. Since its establishment, our company has been constructing many works that meet the quality, technical and fine art requirements trusted by the contractors.


  • Main goals: develop relatively quickly and stably in terms of revenue, profit per capital unit, labor income, working environment, and responsibility to the community. Gradually reduce production costs.
  • Implementation strategies: building an effective and simple working environment; attract highly qualified human resources with good personnel policies and working environment; effectively applying technology to management and implementation; always good management of strategies and appropriate changes, timely.
  • Implementation policy: science, creativity, planning, systematic, accountable, responsible and democratic. To ensure the right decision is made to achieve the mission and goals of the business.



develop long-term master plans and detailed plans for each job to be done. Long-term planning for human resource, management system, brand, construction investment and capital markets. Short-term plans for investment projects, construction, consulting

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